Friday, January 25, 2008

Look Ma ..... I'm Blogging! this thing on? Test 1 2 3 !

Okay my friends.....I guess it's high time that I join the Blogger Generation!

I was thinking this would be a good way to share "en mass" to those who want see & read about what I've been up to lately. I always find myself checking sent e-mails to see who I told what to...only to discover that I deleted what I thought was saved (which happens more and more the older I get).

So without further ado....

As many of you know.....I have recently confessed to being a Beadaholic. I suppose I've been in denial about this for years....because now that I think about it....years back when I was creating all those beaded hair clips.....and then a whole bunch of beaded ornaments.....that was the tip of what has become a perverbial iceberg!

It became an absolute obsession in 2006.....I always wanted to make some of those pretty ornament covers....and Edith M shared her creative process with some of us on a CDN CQ list.

Little did she know that she would unleash a creative whirlwind of ideas in me that still has not stopped. I have patterned (between the first one and now) over a hundred different designs. I have diligently documented these: written cryptic patterns, scanned them flat, and had most of the first series professionally photographed digitally by my good friend Robin Cymbaly.

Can you guess where this is going? Big plans....big time!

(Apparently my children would like to eat dinner will end here for now)


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Bunnies & Lace said...

Marie you are just as lovely as when the picture was taken and have not aged a bit. You have the most creative heart and spirit of anyone I know.

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