Saturday, January 26, 2008

That Was Then ... This Is Now

I'm still getting the hang of this, so bear with me. I was trying to get a picture added to my profile and having some issues uploading what I wanted. On the Help page it told me to and them here and then send this as a gonna try!

Confession....the picture of me on my web site was taken about 25 years ago...but is my favourite pic of me. It was taken by a professional photographer (who had the hots for me at the time) as part of a challenge with a fellow photographer to see who could create the best shots. I think he won.

I am posting this older one and a more recent one.... to show the "then" and "now".

Gee...would sure like to have that colour hair again! Anybody know what dye colour that'd be?


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Faye Dianne said...

Marie, you haven't changed a bit...LOL Love your Blog, too!
cheers - Faye

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