Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Evolution Triggered by New Stash

Hi all. Did ya miss me?

I am bound to disappear on occasion for days at a time (from the Web I mean) and it's usually due to "blinders on" focus on what I'm creating.

This past week I pieced and embellished # 27 & 28 of my Portholes project, and during this started going through bead withdrawal. It was short-lived .... fortunately for me ... & thanks to my dear friend Mary Anne (who has graciously agreed to be my personal shopper) as she dropped a whole new bag of inspiration off to me yesterday!

Seems that was just what I needed to start the vision thing happening again...as I completed #20 in the 2008 series of ornament covers.....but as I was working on it....something way cool happened. I was thinking about a comment I had made to someone about the covers....that smaller versions would make fabulous CQ embellishments. My subconcious must have picked up on the thought, & the new stash triggered some ideas that have evolved from them....and more!

Needless to say....I ended up with 6 new creations between last night and this afternoon! Some are based on the circular concept (medallions) but...freeform beading that does not have to go on a ball...well that's a whole new tangent and world of possibilites! I made a fan and a couple of straight edgings that can be couched onto a CQ project....as is or have stitching added to further embellish!

Now....I know what you're all hoping...."Oh...Let's see...let's see!"

Well kids....I think for the moment I shall reserve the visuals....as I have some plans cooked up for them already....which I will share with everyone when the time is right.

Suffice it to say.....that I myself am totally impressed with these, and I know you will be too....but "good things are worth waiting for"....right? I promise to make it a "not too long" wait!

So...stay tuned...you won't be disappointed!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ah ha! I just knew if I didn't stick to your wish list that you would come up with something new!! Yee haw. When you want some more for inspiration just say so because I'm happy to be your personal shopper!

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