Friday, February 8, 2008

Food For Thought: The Previous Life of Clothes

I had a day off today and as usual had a whole list of stuff to do....most of which I neglected to do because I got distracted (again) by other things. I had to pick up a few things out in Ajax (just east of here) and decided while I was that close I'd stop into the Goodwill store to poke about & see if I could find any treasures.

While I have an entire bag of fabric to use on my Portholes project, I thought I'd see if I could find a few silk ties or tops to add to the mix...and there were some fabulous ones! Prices on the ties used to be $1.99....and recently doubled....but still a far cry from their original retail tag. Found a few with those still on...$18.50 on one and $22.95 on a bargain! Silk blouses start at the latter and $5.95 is a steal!

I thought to myself as I pawed through the racks.....who would wear this? Then my mind started trying to imagine a persona type to go with the item. It all started with the "Carpe Diem" shirt. It was almost gawdy...had a huge bright smiley-face sun on the back and a busy pattern of various graphics all over...including some Roman Numerals....and bead work had been done to trim out some of the design segments. I was oddly intrigued by it, thinking it'd be interesting chopped up for my purposes...but decided against it.

People around me must have thought me an image would come to mind and make me snicker! As odd as I found some of the articles, I am sure of one thing....somebody at some time paid good money for it and thought it was stylish...maybe even loved it. To each their own!

I left with three ties and two blouses. When I got to the cash....the lady commented that she couldn't remember the new price of the charged me the old rate...and still not sure how the old rate times 3 came out to $3.98. She just smiled and put them in the bag! I said "Thanks" and smiled back!


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