Monday, February 18, 2008

Food For Thought : Things Sold, Given, Kept and Lost

Creativity for me is an outlet. My day job is for the most part stressfull...a constant barrage of situations to deal when I withdraw from it into my natural talent...I can forget about all that and make a thing of beauty. I am sure this is what keeps me sane!

I take pride in the end result, but once it is completed ... it is a commodity, and with rare exception I don't seem to have a problem parting with it. Maybe it's because my joy has been in the creating, and once done my experience with it is let someone else enjoy it.

Many pieces have been sold (and I cannot even count how many...hundreds for certain), and a whole bunch more were simply given away. Family, staff and a few select friends have been thrilled with them.....and impressed with how I could find time in my busy schedule to accomplish this.....but what they don't facter in is my need to.

Some times I do wonder where these creations have ended up. In some cases I a sachet that was purchased by a lady visiting from Japan...who left a message for me saying how much she loved it and that she was taking it home with her.....and a cool knitted top that was purchased by a rock star from Vancouver (back in the days when my friend Sue had a shop down in Queen West Village & I made original works for). I suppose there are bits of my work all over the world...and that's way cool....maybe this makes me immortal?!!

So of all the things I've made...what have I kept? I have all of the Round Robin projects ever done...these are ones that others have stitched on too....and I will never part with. Sir Prance-a-Lot is another...he is perfection! I've also kept the original prototypes of all published patterns... to remind me of these accomplishments.

Things that I've lost (and wish I'd kept) .....early works in mediums that I dabbled an acrylic painted picture of a cockatiel...and pencil sketches of "guys".... done back in my high school days ..... ah well ..... a drop in the bucket I guess.

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gocrazywithme said...

Marie, I can really identify with the NEED to create. I've had it ever since I can remember. It's hard to imagine someone not having that need, but they are out there. Diversity makes the world go 'round, I guess......
Janet in Colorado

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