Thursday, February 21, 2008

More French Knot Roses

I found myself with some free time this morning and decided to poke around some computer files. I stumbled across a small piece that I had entirely forgotten about...and coincidentally it is another done with French Knot Roses!

Another of many projects that I never found time for.....I started stitching some floral motifs that I planned to put into a collection so that others could add them to CQ pieces, stitch onto clothing or other small projects.

I think I will keep this on my ever-so-long list of things to that it has come to mind again! In the mean time, I will simply share for you all to enjoy.
This particular spray was worked with 7mm ribbon for the larger roses and some of the leaves with 4mm roses & leaves beneath, as well as some feather stitch /Colonial knot floral sprays as filler.

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