Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Hours in a Miniature Rose Garden

Today was (as anticipated earlier) a stitching day for everybody else seemed to want to do their own thing. I had one porthole ready to go, and pieced two worked on embellishing yesterday and today.

I spent the last two hours focused on a miniature rose garden. It barely measures 3" x 1.5" and in that small space I packed in 18 tiny French Knot roses...complete with stems and greenery, set against a wrought iron fence. I did a similar (more prolific) garden on my Katrina block as well as on various projects over the years.

These wee splendid roses are my second favourite ones to stitch (the Melanie Rose would be the first). What they lack in size they more than make up for in character. They look very much like my real miniature roses...that the kids got me for Mother's Day last year.

I'll share this once I get it scanned in.

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