Sunday, March 2, 2008

Did I Say 6 ? ... Hmmm ... Make That 20 !

OMG.....I think I'm outta control! Or at least I was! Could it be that the ideas are all out of my head (for the moment)? Sure hope so ... I feel "spent".

I did manage to get laundry finished amidst this flurry of I won't feel too guilty for spending all day and night beading up a storm. Just had to go with the it were. I am a victim of my own vision(s) today they were overwhelming.

I doubt that any of what I created today has been "done before". But then I couldn't really know because I don't follow all that has been done.....simply rely on my own personal vision to see me through.

It might be deliberate on my that I am not unduly influenced by the creations of others, but rather allow what is in my mind's eye come to life....which it did spades!

So you're asking yourself....what the heck is she talking about? And like I said...all in good time!

My big idea is to include some of these as an added bonus when I release the first pattern series for the beaded ornament covers! They are very CQ oriented.....and I still have some prep work to do before you all get to see. There's all that scanning...and patterning to do!

Think it's time to hang it all up for the moment...and get some sleep.

It is officially my sister's BD today..... and we have plans.....but I'll be a wreck if I don't get horizontal soon!


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