Friday, March 7, 2008

Food For Thought : Chicken / Egg Syndrome

More new beads always inspire more new ideas. I was particularly taken by some cool new ones that are crystal squares with an Aurora Borealis finish, lined with copper.....sparkle galore! I created two related medallions with them....& then decided I just had to play with the Metallic Iris ones....and made two more pieces.

As I was completing the second one, it dawned on me that the design would look way cool expanded & extrapilated into an ornament cover.

So....if the latter were the chicken....and the new smaller designs the egg....which came first?

New ideas spun from the "other" new ideas.....reverting back to the original's so symbiotic....and of no particular importance as to which came first.

All "hatched" ideas can become new creations regardless of their source!

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Gwen Buchanan said...

hi Marie, Love your approach on "the Chicken or the Egg". Ideas are everywhere... we just have to notice them... usually they even get better the more experimenting we do... looks like you are doing lots of that... It's the best, isn't it?

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