Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy BD to Kota!

My not-so-little Kota kitty is a whole year old today! He is actually taller than Muffie and will be interesting to see how big he does get when fully grown. He has very stunning colour and his fur is a kind of long/short hair mix. Weird thing is...seems the darker hair is shorter and when stroking him along the side you can actually feel the stripes.

He is quite a character. He chatters...a lot...especially at the birds out the back window. This is one of his fave things to do. He is also very vocal at dinner time...he simply must know what we're eating...and always sounds like he's asking for some. I sometimes think there is a human trapped inside there....and that all this chatter is what he/she is saying and that they believe we actually understand!

He is very fond of foil balls...loves to chase after them and will fetch and return with them...funny to watch....with all those claws getting no traction on the tile floor...almost seems like he's running on the spot before he actually gets going!
Muffie is sort of like a mom figure for him...and she was used to having her brother around for so long....so she tolerates Kota....but is also queen cat. She will inform him with a loud hiss and a quick smack of the paw who is top cat....but if all else fails she will simply run...which is okay too...she has definitely gotten a lot more exercise doing so. On rare occasion she will cuddle up with him....even give him a cleaning....but sleeps with one eye open when he's around.

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