Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy BD to Muffie

My Muffie cat is 9 years old today! That's a lot of years for a cat. (She's the little one on the right).

She has come through a variety of trials and tribulations in her life. She and her brother Buster came into our home when they were a mere six weeks old, and brought us a lot of joy over the years. Unfortunately, we lost Buster just before Christmas last year to FUD ... Feline Urilogical Disorder...and miss him so much...he was such a lover.
Muffie is such a survivor. I was afraid we were going to lose her the first week we had her! The kids were quite young then, and so very excited to have two small kittens. We were in the kitchen watching them run around. Mel was sitting on a chair by the table...rocking it when she lost her balance. She regained her balance but the chair fell...and as it came down...hit Muffie on the nose. OMG....she started a major nose bleed and literally had the poop scared out of her. Mommy was trying to deal with all this and kids were was crazy. I put a cold compress on her face to keep the swelling down...but it was a pretty major impact on such a small animal. Took a week of eye-drop feeding before she was actually able to eat again on her own. Did a lot of praying....and was so relieved when she finally ate from her dish again.
Seems so long ago ... but she is still hanging in...and is kind of a "mom" to Kota (who will be a year on March 25th). So glad that she is such a strong beast. She is pure love.


Gwen Buchanan said...

I love your story... and I love cats. Wish we could have another... but we have too many foxes in this location. One of them took our 14 yr.old little terri-poo dog Ziggy, last year... right off our porch... And up to that time I rather liked watching the foxes play... but after that it was hard to keep my son Max from getting out his pellet gun when we saw the fox doing his routine hunt around the field...

Marie Alton said...

Wild creatures have a hard time understanding that some things are not food, I guess. Sorry to hear you lost Ziggy.

When we lived out in the west end of Pickering, we were a few blocks from a big ravine. There was a fox that did an evening route at the edge of our front lawn. I had the weed whipper out one day cleaning up around flower beds and quite by accident clipped a bird hiding at the edge of a big cedar. It crawled in under to hide from me, and tho I wanted to help it ... it wouldn't come out. Later that evening the fox came around on his usual route...and caught the scent of it. One squawk and it was done. The kids had a real lesson in nature that night!

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