Sunday, March 30, 2008

Show and Share - The Pillow That Never Was

Many years ago I decided that I wanted to make a new cushion to fit on a foot stool. The original cushion had a foam insert and it was disintegrating it had to go! The dimensions were about the same as a standard size bed pillow so I decided to make a pillow and simply put this in its place.

I took the project with me when I went to spend a vacation week with my sister up north. When I told her what the piece was for, she was aghast! "You mean you're gonna put your feet on this??? Its far too pretty for that!" Despite her objections the plan remained. I saw it as a functional CQ piece...I wasn't stitching anything too fancy on it...and didn't plan to add buttons or things that would bug my feet.

When the week was over I packed up all the stuff ... but forgot one footstool cover! Cathy phoned to let me know I left it behind and said that she would save it for me.

In the mean time, she aquired an interesting frame at a yard sale and when she came home with it happened to lay it on top of the CQ piece that was on the table. It immediately caught her to how perfect it looked!

The next time I went to visit she told me about it. In the mean time she had made a backing board for it and inserted it in the frame to show me....and begged me not to make her take it out and could she please keep it! She volunteered some fabric from her stash that would make a nice I gave in to her request...and allowed her to keep it.

As it turned out I didn't end up making that pillow because the footstool and chair that went with it were in worse shape than I originally thought ... so the set got trashed and we purchased two new chairs. All's well that ends well ... and Cathy hangs this piece proudly in her home.
Of special note ... the picture on the shelf at the bottom right corner ... is of my maternal grandmother ... who was one of my stitching mentors. She was a professional seamstress ... made all her own wardrobe and could make a pattern simply by looking at a finished garment ... which was why she had such a steady clientelle! Cathy inherited this talent from her.....and her machine stitching abilities blow me away!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Cathy was right. MUCH too nice to put your feet on!

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