Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Show and Share - Sir Prance - A - Lot

I sometimes forget that even though I've been on lists for a long time and shared past projects with many in years gone by...that some of you out there reading may never have seen them! I had mentioned a favourite project complete many years ago, and someone inquired as to what it was. I got thinking it might be fun to share them again and details in their creation. And....some people can never get enough eye maybe this will become a regular feature! I hope it will be inspirational.

Sir Prance - A - Lot was a grand creation that I was planning to pattern/kit ... and in fact I had Kreinik thread packs made up for ... but in the midst of it ... I started my current day job and couldn't find time to finish what I'd planned. That is not to say that it will never happen, because recent new knowledge acquired in personal publishing could make a pattern feasible (kit is probably a stretch but....never say never!)

Sir PAL was a meticulous "labour of love". He was inspired by a porcelain carousel horse that I bought as a Christmas gift for Melanie when she was seven. I was so impressed with the look of it ... ribbons and jewels on an elegant creature...simply beautiful!

I thought it'd be way cool to create a stitchery version of the idea...but it took some time before I was anywhere near ready to tackle it. I let my mind think about it for a while and eventually a concept started to form. I visited the library and found a fabulous book all about carousel animals, and got a better sense of the size I'd work on. I scoured the web in search of other statue carousel horses for more ideas and added fuel to the creative fire.

I was a hot-shot up-and-coming stitcher back then and part of YLI's and Kreinik's designer programs....all I had to do was ask for the product I needed to create the project. As much as I love products from both of these companies.....I decided to give the nod to I felt most of the components would best be created in metallics for this one.

I cannot be certain to the exact time invested....all told I'd bet between 150 - 200 hours....but that wasn't just the stitching....I was patterning as I went...and most of the diagrams I did by hand (which I found easier to scan in than to try to computer generate.)

I have given thought recently to attempting another creation along these lines ... maybe even a full 3-D one. I have the name picked out....Lady honour of a childhood friend who shared her love of horses with me, and who sadly perished at the young age of 23 in a house fire.


Gwen Buchanan said...

I loved this story too... you tell a story well...
You really can appreciate how much work is in a piece after you have done a few that are very time consuming... but the finished piece & the satisfaction it gives when done is enough to make you head out to tackle the next challenge.

You did a beautiful job!

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Gwen...I totally agree...there is a great deal of satisfaction in completing something that takes so much time. Once completed my mind starts trying to "raise the bar". In this contemplate the 3-D version. I could start today...the vision is that clear...but have too many other things on the go now...and don't need another distraction!

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