Monday, March 17, 2008

Show and Share - Wedding Mementos

Back when I had the booth in Crafters Marketplace, in addition to the stock that was there I also left a box with business cards and a message to contact me for any special requests or commission work.

I had one really interesting request from a young lady to create a "wedding memento". At first I had no idea what she wanted, but she elaborated that she wanted a piece that would be stitched into her dress with their names and wedding date so that future generations who might wear the gown would know when it was originally worn.

She wanted an elaborate floral frame done around their names in "summer/fall" colours...I gave her my ribbon box and let her pick them, and then worked a variety of flowers into the frame. It was an awful lot of work for something that was not even visible....but the point was that she new it was there. I did get the idea and loaded it with a whole lot of blossoms. Needless to say, Nicole really loved it.

On my next trip into Crafters I was telling the manager about this piece and she loved the idea! Little did I know that she too was planning a wedding and wanted one too! Her idea was to be a bit different though. She had received a glove from her Mom ... it was to be her "something old". The mate to it had been lost and she was contemplating how to work it into her attire....she thought she might use the fabric to make a garter (and there would have been enough as it was one of those old elegant long ones that went up to the elbow). When she heard this new idea she immediately knew that it would work fabulous for this memento idea!

Her idea was to have a simple heart of roses around their names, but wanted the existing original embroidery incorperated into it, with a bit of gold metallic thread to give it a bit of glitz.

She also wanted it in an oval shape trimmed with fine lace. It was a lovely idea and she loved the final creation.

Shortly after this, one of my husband's nieces announced her engagement! I told my sister-in-law about the idea and she mentioned it to Kyla. She love the idea too! She wanted to have some blue colours worked in so it would be her "something blue".

It's amazing how one idea snowballed into several creations ... but how each bride had a different concept as unique as each of them!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What an original idea! I'm sure a lot of brides would love this & what an heirloom the dress would become. Too bad our first bride-to-be has flown the coop or I'd hire you!!

Marie Alton said...

Take comfort in the knowledge that someday there may be another bride-to-be...and we can chat more on this topic then!

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