Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tiny Gold Tassels - Tutorial

I really like making small things. There is a certain challenge in making things this size. It requires a degree of manual dexterity which might not suite every individual.....but I've always found the end result to be greatly rewarding.

Two projects shared recently employed these tiny gold tassels which I feel were the component that made them special. In browsing through my files I found the original graphic inserts that I created for the Sir PAL instructions, and decided to share them with you.

This would be the perfect finish for a Fan motif on a CQ piece. Oh...and I also came across a card that I did in a CQ fan that I added a tassel to....and tho it was not gold but can see what I mean by a perfect finish.

Kudos to Kreinik for their superior products...which perform wonderfully for the gold tassels!
These two products are staples in my thread stash....I would never be without them!

Gold Tassel Template:
Cut one piece of Dritz Heavy Duty Template Plastic
measuring 1 ½" L x 5/8"W.
Notch as follows: 1/8" down from top, make top notch 1/16" W x 3/4""L. At bottom edge make bottom notch 1/16" W x ½" L.

For each tassel you will need:
Kreinik 002P - Cable - Gold - 14"
Kreinik 002C - Cord - Gold - 10"

Thread needle with the 10" length of Cord.
With one 14" length of Cable and template held
as shown, hold loose end to the template with your
left thumb at X. Make 5 complete wraps over the
template moving left to right, then 5 more wraps
over these moving right to left.

Push the wraps together so that the inner end of the
top notch is open (as shown). Hold 3" of the Cord
at the back of the template, bring needle through and wrap around all loops; bring needle to the front through the opening and pull to tighten.
Repeat 4 times more (5 wraps).

Cut the wrapping thread 3" long. Tie ends together.
Thread both of the 3" cord lengths on needle and
take the needle inside the wraps & pull down.
Snip ends at bottom of template. With remaining
cord, take needle under wraps above the top notch,
loop over and through again. Pull tight & tie off.
Do not trim these threads, as they will be used to
anchor the tassel to your fabric!

Cut open the bottom end of the tassel as shown and trim even.
Using the tip of your needle separate the strands of Cable.

Voila! You have it!

The tassel shown on the Fan card uses YLI Jeans Stitch in Lavender.


Rissa said...

That would make another nice article for CQMagOnline! I also use tiny tassels a lot.

Marie Alton said...

Hey Rissa!
Guess what I have??? This too (the fan card thing) was on the have all that ready...and the tassel instructions were included.

Judy in Indiana said...

Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing!
Judy in Indiana

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