Saturday, April 12, 2008

99 ..... 100 !

It's hard to believe ... but that was the count mark I hit today on my Deluxe Free Form Embellisments! And I'm not even counting in the various colour variations that I did along the way...these are patterns only.

I have never denied it ... I am obviously obsessed!

I even took a bit of a breather yesterday while I turned six of them into the actual pattern set that I wanted to include as the bonus with the ornament cover addition to some minor changes that I made to the ornament set too (like adding a credit to Robin Cymbaly ... the fabulous photographer who captured the hanging ball images for me!)

The last one (# 100)I was so tickled is a vine of sorts...with a pair of much so that I made to save / scan and one to add immediately to one of my newest Portholes.....because it was just the perfect thing and colour for one particular seam.

So...I'm thinking this might be a good time to put the brakes on (if I can). While not all of the pieces will end up being parts of pattern next objective will be to select ones that I do want to offer in collections and then get to it!

My time off is almost at an end...back to the grind on Monday...and will have to resume squeezing things I want to do in around my day job and other home duties...which will be harder to manage now heading into Garden Centre season! ( Why couldn't I have been born rich instead of beautiful?)

Okay goes on! Funny the busier I get...the more I seem to get accomplished! Not sure exactly how that happens! Maybe I'm that kind of person who functions best under stress. Whatever! Like I said ... life goes on!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog Marie,
You know, You are right about being busy... it reminds me of the saying The harder you work the Luckier you become!!!
Sounds like you have accomplished so much in your break from work.. that must make you feel so good!! You will probably feel refreshed after you go back...
I love garden centres by the way...

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen ... I guess I actually did get a lot done this week...just not exactly what I originally had planned. My sis said I shouldn't do cleaning while I was off...and ended up avoiding some of my chore list!

Garden Centres are's running them that is stressful! Oh well...someone's gotta do it! Seems they managed okay without me for the week...had to do payroll today so we all get paid...and gee...the store's still standing! My lead supervisor ended up sick and off for the whole week so really a miracle!

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