Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools on Me!

I got to work this morning as usual with my head full of all the things that I had to attend to, punched in, dumped my gear and coat and was about to head out to the floor ... when my Cash Office gal handed me a letter. Dread entered my heart.....letters nearly always mean bad I unfolded it and yup...proceeded to read "Due to personal reasons and with much regret I must resign my position ... " .

This from the gal who started back in the fall and was my saving Christmas gift from above! My heart sank. "When does this take effect?" I asked....nearly in tears. Well...the joke stopped there...she hugged me and said "April Fools!" she said "You can rip it up now!" So I did...into little bitty pieces. She got me!....but I will get her back...she won't know when .... and revenge will be sweet...can't believe I fell for it!

Don't know how March flew by so fast...April is already here.....but spring seems long in coming. Mid April last year we had staff in the Garden Centre on weekends...that will not be until May this year for sure....but at least allows me time to take a mental breather next week.....a bit of time off is just what I need right now.

I've hit the "spent" point again with my new beading frenzy...have hit the 75 mark on these li'l add-ons....and while a short breather is in sure it will be short....I can feel a new wave about to hit.

Decided tonight to divert....actually stitched one of the edging pieces on to Porthole #29 (looks as cool as planned).... and finished the last two seams I had to do on it. I will get a few more pieced next week and add more on the new ones. off tomorrow...and enjoying a bit of wine tonight to chill.....and glad that all's well at the end of this day.

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