Friday, April 18, 2008

Food for Thought - Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

I dragged my tired sorry butt home today...a little worse for all the grief I've had to contend with on the job over the past few days...and decided to drown my sorrows in a few beers.

Had to fire one young girl yesterday...and suspend another...for infractions that cost the company money. I've always hated this aspect of the job...not only because of how it affects the individual...but also because of the waste of time I've invested in each...only to have to flush it all. As a manager it was a call that I had to enforce because it was dictated by my superior...and ultimately I know it had to happen.....but it still sucks to see a young girl in tears as she is being told she's being terminated.

Ah goes on. Many of us have "been there...done that" whether by our own fault or issues beyond our control ( like down-sizing )...and we know how bad it feels.

I had to make it all go turned to the solace of my beads. Lo and behold in the midst of my anguish a new idea whit I just had to make it come alive.

Working with a variety of silver and malachite tone beads I created an edging piece that is reminiscent of tatting ... with rings and chains...only in beads!

When it was finished...I had to sit back, admire and actually smiled.

Dark clouds....with a silver lining...literally!

I am off tomorrow.....and just as glad. It's supposed to be another glorious spring day...and I plan to enjoy it! Gardens are calling...tulips are growing...and time is at hand.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think it's better to be fired at a young age while you can still be 'molded' into a good employee, rather than wait until the bad habits are totally ingrained. Hard to fire someone though! HOpefully she will look back on it as a learning experience.

Gwen Buchanan said...

wonderful to be able to absorb ourself in a creative activity and make the troubles of the world go away...It's a wonder we ever come out of hiding!!!

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