Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glorious Spring Weather on Earth Day !

I spent Earth Day (yesterday) tackling a big clean-up job here at the was the first chance I've had to get busy with pulling off the winter kill from the many garden beds. We have a total of 9 of them...various sizes...two flanking the entrance, a Memorial Garden, and the rest were built up around trees in the "circle".

They are for the most part perennial beds. I've chopped up and moved plants from one to another over the years ... and last fall added about 50 donated spring bulbs for some early colour. I was really thrilled to see that all of them came up and have not been bothered by the population of I made sure to put lots of blood and bone meal around them (they don't like the stuff).

The last beds added were two big ones at the top end of the circle...this is their third season in now so well established...and after cleaning and weeding only require periodical maintenance. The task went a bit faster with an extra pair of my brother-in-law helped out almost all day...and it was fabulous to see that two beds had already been cleared by ladies who live in close proximity to them.

The Memorial Garden is usually the most work...but is really special and worth the effort. On the highest section of the garden wall we added memorial plaques with the names of residents who passed away....and it had a dedication ceremony attended by local dignitaries a few years back after we finished major renovations and had a grand re-opening event.

The area used to be a kiddy playground at one time...but the equipment there was old and falling apart...and had to be removed...not to mention that stray cats frequented it as a litter not healthy. When we were contemplating what to do with the area...I got a really fabulous idea to turn it into an elevated garden. It has a retaining wall at the back end...and several small trees that bloom in spring...and produce red berries in the fall (I have no idea what they are). We built a wall of pressure treated wood to frame in a triangular shape...then filled it with gravel at the base...and topped it with earth...left beds at the back and put sod down on the front. This elevated garden can be seen above the cars that park there.

My favourite bloom time is when the Giant Germanic Irises are opening! They have 3 foot stocks with huge deep purple blooms...really awesome! I'll make sure to get pics this year to share. I have several amazing Hosta plants at the corner of the Memorial bed that are also very spectacular...will have to wait a while for those though...they are mere tips right now.

After six hours of work on them...I was downright exhausted...but it was so worth they look all fresh now and ready for summer! I'll be adding a few flats of impatience in late May for some vibrant colour and fullness.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow, sounds like you had a busy Earth Day - playing in the earth. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your efforts.

Diane said...

Marie, could you be the very same lady that I talked to long ago about silk ribbon embroidery? Somehow I got going on it and that led to CQ and beading and I'm having a ball!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Diane!
Yup...that'd be me! Glad to hear that you did get into SRE and CQ and beading. Good that you're enjoying all of it so much!

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