Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Was on TV Today!

It was very exciting news to find out this past week that our store placed 10th amongst all of the Ontario Canadian Tire stores in sales during the Heart and Stroke fundraising promotion in February! Yay Team!

I was contacted by a representative from our Head Office who wanted to arrange the presentation of a plaque to us by the Heart and Stroke team, in addition to capturing the event with pictures and video.

Wow...the sent a whole crew out...representatives from Rogers TV documented it for local airing. I thought we were all done and proceeded about my duties when one of the crew asked if I could give her a few more minutes to answer some questions about the campaign and our success.

So there I stood listening to the questions and trying to come up with intelligent answers ... trying not to put in too many ummms etc. I detailed how we had a great team with dedication to the effort and that we have done this annually for the past few years.....and that it was really good to see our young people get behind it...showing that they are socially concious in supporting a worthy organization.

While I haven't seen it of my staff called me later very excited saying it was fabulous! I was so happy to hear that...after all... it's a rare occasion to be recognized with such honour and to be on TV...all in the same day!

The gentleman from Rogers was especially he himself is a heart attack survivor who underwent triple by-pass surgery a few years ago...and understood well the cause that our efforts helped support.

That was icing on the cake!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow! I suppose you're going to become a celebrity now. Vanna White ain't got nottin on you girl!!

Seriously, nice for both the store, and you.

Marie Alton said...

Thanks MA!
I actually did get to see they aired the segment again at 11:00 pm! It was quite a good bit and I actually only did say ummm only once!

Rissa said...

Woo hoo and I can say...I knew her when! :-)

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