Friday, April 18, 2008

Porthole # 10

Porthole # 10 - This is another of the brighter cheerier pieces. The centre fabric came from a fabulous dress acquired for a whole $7 at a thrift shop. I actually bought it to wear to a wedding...and did...then afterward decided that it was way longer than I liked so I shortened it by about a foot. I can still have the dress and use the extra fabric!

The floral motif ... started out with a silk-covered button...working around the perimeter I added loops of violet - tone beads for the petals.

On either side of it I used Ribbon Floss...Lazy Daisy leaf sprays on the right...and a "stacked" Chevron on the left. The latter is actually a row of Chevron but the top section is a "pseudo"... not a complete I had to eliminate the inside bars.

Above that on the yellow patch is a squadron of teeny butterflies in Kreinik # 4 metallic braid.

On the grey satin patch I did a pattern that is remeniscent of those old string art kits...working on a 180 degree grid from bottom to top allowing the thread to overlap...then crowned each with a Colonial knot.

Lastly...just above the floral motif...a row of Cast - on stitches in cotton perle.

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