Sunday, April 27, 2008

Published Again ... CQ Mag Online

Just to let you all know...I have another article published! This one is a creative tutorial for Pin Pals (which is my fancy name for a pin cushion).

Also have one project in the Readers Showcase ... a pillow done as a birthday gift for a niece.

Rissa did a great article about Tiny Tassels that she has made ... and added a link to the tutorial I posted here a while back.

So ... check it out ... there is a link to CQ Mag Online in my list of faves!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I read your article *and* saw the pillow (thanks for the thank-you, btw). CQM is certainly a labour of love, from all concerned. Glad to see your article...the first of many, I hope?

Marie Alton said...

The fabrics that you donated certainly "made" that pillow to be sure...and re CQM...yes...I do believe there will be more in the future...some may be repeats of ones that I had done for Maureen's newsletter...but many will not have seen will be new to them. Am hoping that readers will be inspired to create the small CQ projects that I share...thinking the "Fan Card" will be the next and it is such fun!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Marie, Congrats on your article ;
and the acknowledgment and link to your website on another.. great contribution to everyone!!!

sweet little pin cushions... what can a sewer do with out her pincushion!!!??

eeaton said...

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