Thursday, April 3, 2008

Show and Share - The Bluestone

I was cleaning out some old files yesterday (amazing how much stuff you save over the years) and came across the original pictures that inspired a Round Robin piece done back in 2001.

This particular project was a real challenge for me. I prefer small, quick pieces...this one measures in at 18 x 24". I called it "The Bluestone". I found a picture of this century house in a book at the library. It is located in a small town east of here...Port Hope....which incidentally is one of my husband's fave fishing spots and home of his friend and long-time fishing buddy Chris. He has passed this house on many occasions and was intrigued that I used it as a stitching theme.

It took quite a while to compose the get the perspective right and I think it came out quite as planned. I had a fascination with wrought iron going on back then and wanted to incorporate some into the project. I found a fabulous site with tons of pics showing the work of one company.....and was quite taken with one set of gates. I used some moire to create the pillars and then used Kreinik metallic threads to work the wrought iron gate and front fence.

The driveway was a bit of work...I used wax crayons to detail the stonework, then pressed it between sheets of craft paper...which removes the wax and leaves the colour. The trees were appliqued. The house was done with blue fabric and the trim / front porch worked in white ribbon. The shutters were cut from black felt and embroidery floss marked out the cross panes of the windows.

When it was done I sent it off. I think there were about 8 participants...all really accomplished stitchers...and there were some incredible additions made to it. I've since added more of my own , and still have some to do on it...some day.

Out of the whole group...I was the only Canadian. The thing I recall most that it returned to my mailbox on September 11th....the day that shook the world! I had cried several times that day watching the horrific events unfold...and cried again when I opened the I felt a little closer to my American friends....especially my wee friend Trisha Gray who was one contributor and lives right in NYC.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

There's just one word for this - WOW!!

Marie Alton said...

The small pic of the whole thing does not do this piece justice. Will have to get a good digital pic to share...and actually get the piece out at some point and scan some of the finer details. It really is awesome!

Gwen Buchanan said...

This an absolute beauty...

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