Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time to Chill

I finally made it through this last week and can now enjoy a whole week off from my day job.

Haven't had a breather since Christmas (only 3 days) so am long overdue! Figured I better do this before we get the garden season happening...'cause then it's like being on a high-speed roller coaster...that doesn't slow down until July!

Need to get some spring cleaning done and will plan a few day trip visits here and there. I want to spend some quality stitching make a bunch more portholes to stitch on.

I used to take a stitching box to work for those hour lunches and want to start doing so again. It never takes me an hour to eat...and could do some seamwork on these small portable pieces.

This will be a great opportunity to get some patterns transferred from notes to computer too.

Lots to keep me busy....and a while a week seems like a long time...I know it'll be gone in a need to put my "time management" skills into high gear. Make a plan and "get 'er done"!

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