Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Co-op in Bloom

One of the things that I am not good at...is photography! Melanie however has a great mastery of such things including downloading same...so she and I went for a short walk and snapped some pics of the flora that is blooming in our little world.

We didn't make it all the way down to the front beds...but aside from some white Creeping Phlox down there not too much of interest...so decided to stick to what has the most on show up the hill.
There is a long tree-lined drive coming into the property...and the gardens you don't see are way down at the road...will get them another time when in bloom.

Out back of our unit (actually behind my neighbour's yard) is a huge fragrant Lilac bush that is just glorious...in sight and in smell!

My neighbour in Unit 75...Anita...is directly across from the Memorial Garden. She had a student nurse residing with her for two years...and she added some lovely beds during her stay. Anita's house faces south and gets a lot of sun...so her Irises are the first in bloom...the rest come a week or two later.

The tulips I planted last fall were just about done...the daffodils definitely past their peak...but the Lemon Balm is quickly taking over...and my one surviving Baby's Breath is gaining in size. Behind this I am going to plant some Cosmos for a splash of colour and that lovely feathery foliage.

You can see the Leopard's Bane in full splendor...the yellow daisy-looking ones...as are the Forget - me - nots ... which kinda like it there. We missed pics of the Jacob's Ladder which is to the left of these...but they're not in bloom yet. I have had purple ones for many years...added two white ones this year...and anxious to see them!

At the top of the rock slab wall is a patch of Lamium...also called Dead Nettle...which was started in my backyard...a donated plant from a neighbour a few doors down...that small patch found its home in this garden...and spread like wildfire! The foliage has a lovely green/white combination with tons of small purple flowers that the bees just love...and is spectacular when in bloom.

Over in the corner I have four or five Hostas...their leaves take over one entire corner...and come late summer they shoot up spikes that bloom into pale violet flowers that will go until September. Once the Leopards Bane finishes...there will be a big flush of Black-Eyed Susans.

Above the Lamium on the rock wall are more Hostas, some Violets and Lily-of-the-valley...all were taken from mother plants in my back garden.

The whole lot of beds has been a progressive labour over the years...and I didn't even take any pics of the 5 "Up the Hill" beds...as they are still have much to bloom a bit later!

I just love this time of year!

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