Monday, May 19, 2008

Food For Thought : Tragedy So Young

Our lives roll along and then all of a sudden something happens that kinda jerks your reality, or moreover lives of those around us.

I was quite taken aback last night when my daughter informed me that she was going to a viewing with her friend Kayla.

I had to stop a moment...a viewing. She has never uttered this word before and it only means one thing. She proceeded to tell me that a young man that Kayla had dated for a while last fall had committed suicide. I didn't ask how...not that it matters...the end result was death.

While I had never met this boy he was a brief romantic encounter for one of Melanie's close friends and she felt bound as a friend to go with her for support.

It's one of those sobering life experiences that you always dread.....even more when it's someone so young...and something so experience you hope your own children never have...but one you cannot shield them from when it happens.

Being a parent of teens I feel so sad for his parents...they must be wondering what could have been so wrong with life that he would resort to this? They must be so emotionally torn up...trying to think of what they could have done different.....and why they didn't see it coming. An accidental death would be no less easy to endure.....but deliberate death must be unbearable.

I hope God is kind to them all...and that His love will help to heal such a devastating wound.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

How very sad for all involved. May God be with them.

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