Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Introducing....Robin Cymbaly

I want to tell you about my friend Robin!

We have known each other for over 5 years, working together at Canadian Tire.....but beyond her day job (like me) she has artistic talents that she indulges in ..... and since completing school she is searching for a position where she can use her skills.

When I was patterning my ornament covers, I wanted to include shots of them hanging...the end result and how it would be seen. My sis was going to help but just when I was ready to do them ... all plans had to change as she had to start packing to move.

I asked Robin if she could help as I wanted to have the pictures done before the Artfest show so that I could sell the prototypes. She agreed and we spent about three hours hanging - snapping -changing - hanging - snapping. It was fun...and we got them all digitized!

Thanks Robin for a job well done!

I've added a new link on the sidebar to her site ... where you can see her work!


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