Monday, May 19, 2008

OMG ... Has it been a whole week?

My ... time sure flies when you're having fun ... or in my case busy as a beaver at work!

Still going a 100 kph on that roller coaster...gardening season is nearly as crazy as Christmas for us .... then throw in staffing issues ... that "prom" time of year ... not to mention the first long weekend of the summer ... and ya ... right up to my perverbial neck in it!

The up side is that I actually start my long weekend now...3 glorious days off...and boy I need it! Just bagged from two intense days. Came home tonight...had dinner and then proceeded to pass out for about 5 hours(which is why I'm still up after 3am).

Played around with some beads tonight.....lately I have this fascination for turquoise blue and silver that I aquired recently...and managed to finish off Porthole # 31 ... the first one that employed the addition of my new "Free Form" creations ... I'm impressed with the look!

Later today am planning doing some gardening...I aquired some Canna Lily roots from a gal at work and have the perfect spot for them ... plus will plant some seeds in one or two beds.

I noticed that one bed of those Giant Germanic Irises is about to may get some pics to show well as the tulips that I mentioned recently.....before they fade.

Well ... I guess if I'm going to do all that I better get to bed now so that I don't sleep the day away. Later!

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