Saturday, May 3, 2008

Portholes #12 and #13

You may have noticed that I have been posting less frequently ... that is typical this time of year, as business is booming...blooming too...and there I am...riding the roller coaster! Staffing is getting better...but just when I think I have it all worked out...Murphy throws me a curve ball! Such is life.

This week I had just posted my perfect schedule, and I got a frantic phone call from one young lady telling me that her grandfather had just been rushed to hospital...and was not expected to make it through the day! Unfortunately he passed away just before she arrived.

You can't plan for such things....just have to deal with them as they happen...and scramble after the fact...trying to make it work a different way. It always works out somehow. I get the easy part...comparatively speaking.

Anyway.....I thought I'd post two Portholes today. This pair are strikingly different....the epitome of my aim on this project. Different fabrics, threads and even stitching at different times all factor in to create diverse finished pieces.

The first one has more of that lacy motif fabric and my fave basket charm filled with French Knot roses. More metallic threads and Ribbon Floss round out the seams.

The second one has some velvet, silk and satin jazzed up with bright pink Pearl Crown rayon, rich regal purple, ruby metallic thread, fine black metallic ribbon and a silk ribbon vine with beads.


Kathy said...

Your CQ portholes are wonderful! What are your plans for them?

Marie Alton said...

Hi Kathy & thanks!

If you go back to my post on March 14th...Portholes # 1...the whole story is there.

you can click on the Portholes label on this post and it will bring up all posts on the subject...then just scroll down.

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