Sunday, May 11, 2008

Portholes # 14 and # 15

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!

Sharing more of the Portholes Project with you today... as it may be another few days before I'll be able to share more.

Porthole # 14 ... hmm ... in retrospect I don't find this one too exciting...must have been in a dull mood that day or something. Had a big piece of lavender trim that seemed to go, and stitched over the "leaf" centres with darker thread. The wandering vine is threaded through with gold cord but does't show well in the scan. The navy Chevron bit was over-stitched with chain and detatched buttonhole. The seam above that has a herringbone row stitched over with cretan and Colonial knots. The hot pink seam is buttonhole half wheels with Lazy Daisy filler and metallic beads.

Porthole # 15 has a lot more excitement. The lace was a gift all the way from Israel. I used gold Ribbon Floss to tack down along top and Colonial knots further down. I had a vase button from which I removed the shank and added a bouquet of roses and "glads"? Opposite that is a Cast-on stitch rose and leaves. The vine looks like I meant to add more...and might yet. On the off-white silk panel I added a double row of herringbone and crosses.

(Hey Gwen ... look what I did! Couldn't cut....but did click and drag!)


Rose Anne B said...

WOW Marie, these Portholes sure are something! Very inspiring for me!!! Thank you.

crazyQstitcher said...

Both portholes are fabulous but my preference is the for first. Not dull at all and the stitches stand out very well.

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