Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Portholes # 16 and #17

I completed # 32 last night and while looking through the batch from 26 to 31 noticed that I was mistaken thinking that 31 was the first to which I had added Free Form embellishment...it was actually 29...not that it matters...but you'll all get to see it sooner!

This pair has one thing in common...butterflies!

#16 started out with the lace embellishment; French Knot roses and some beads. To the right of it I added a row of herring bone and enhanced it with extra stitches. At the top I added a chain stitch vine in YLI Silk 30 (one of my fave threads) with small glass leaves. I used YLI Candlelight (Midnight) and feather stitching to make the spray of branches and added 3 b-flies on top.

#17 began with the black rose lace motif, then the spray of yellow Griffin Buds. On the black patch I worked two lines of herring bone, finished off with purple metallic beads. The chain stitch vine and leaves were done in Pearl Crown rayon and the purple clusters of Colonial knots in Perle Cotton. Lastly I added a feather stitch vine and a gold b-fly.

Hmm...I just noticed...many of the same stitches were used on both...but the look is very different!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really can't wait to see the finished product! This is such an unusual concept & each individual piece looks complete on their own.

Marie Alton said...

Hey Hey MA ... Thanks to you and the new stash influx I recently aquired...the project is on a roll again...amazing what a bunch of new fabric can do to inspire new creations...and just you wait to see those...even I am impressed!

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