Saturday, May 24, 2008

Portholes # 18 and #19

DH has the BBQ thing happening and the rest of dinner under have a few minutes to share more of the Portholes.

#18 took me back to some darker rich colours dictated by the centre patch which came from one of those Goodwill silk ties. Did some gold cord buttonhole fans with a few LDs in between, more LDs on the teal patch done in YLI Candlelight - Midnight. On the royal patch I did two rows of herringbone stacked and added two straight stitches for the arrow top. Beside that on the biege patch there's a row of Cast-ons in Perle Cotton with gold beads inside. On the purple patch is a row of chevrons and a part chevron row to close it. Last I tacked on a few metal florettes (which used to be little cup shaped things that I flattened out) with a few more beads trailing behind them.

#19 was quite an intense project all on its own! The centre fabric was preprinted with silver spider webs that I couched more silver thread over...and added clear Aurora Borealis seed beads as water droplets. On the pink patch was an oriental motif that I enhanced with gold cord and the fuchsia thread is YLI rayon done in Pekinese stitch. On the white patch a whole spray of pale blue French Knot roses. On the pale blue patch the chain stitch is VC Hand-dyed #12 Silk Pearl with a trio of Colonial knots in Pearl Crown. A small lace motif was left from a piece I had and fit in there well...added a wee red bead at centre. Finished off with LD vines along the floral patch.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Marie this circle is really adorable... love the spiderweb and the added touch of the crystal beads... the flowers on the side are pretty special... you are just whipping them out... you must be on a roll!!!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen...I have actually been working on this project since sometime last summer...and had a full 25 of them done and scanned in before I started showing them. I've been adding (slowly) to that count since...mostly because I was so focused on beaded things...but am carrying on now and adding some of those beaded things to show what they look like on CQ.

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