Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stitched All Night . . . and Porthole # 20

I was going to plant some flowers tonight...until I heard fabric whispering to was that stuff that I scored from Mary Anne last visit...I hadn't even opened it yet. I also realized that I was working on the last one that I made from the last decided to get a few more made. Managed to get 3 done and picked out fabric for another a pretty productive night.

As I was stitching I realized that the next Porthole had a small sampling of a thread I had talked about recently on Stitchin Fingers ... namely Jeans Stitch. So thought I'd post it now rather than later.

Porthole # 20 - I love the colours on this one ... rich floral tones. The piece of lace was from a cut-up collar trim...added a Midnight B-fly...feather stitching in gold cord...Pekinese stitch in white silk buttonhole (which I've forgotten the brand name of). The multi-coloured seam : the turquoise shade herringbone is YLI Silk 30, the lilac cretan is Jeans Stitch, the half Chevrons and Colonial knots at top are Pearl Crown rayon.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Jeans Stitch thread? You don't mean the stuff I use on my denim jackets?? That can't be it.
Nice portholes. How many are you doing? I know you've said, but I can't remember.

Marie Alton said...

Yes...MA...the very same Jeans Stitch that is for top-stitching on denim. I commented extensively on Stitchin Fingers about the fact that although it's meant for that...that it is thread after all and can be used for anything! It works up lovely for needle tatting and for CQ seams...strong with lots of vibrant colours!

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