Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minutes to Midnight

It is ... and it's what I happen to be listening to now as well ... Linkin Park!

This is a band I picked up on from my kids and I think they are really awesome...musically and especially lyrically. This is their third album and I really like the direction they're going...a bit away from the previous two...with lots of maturity showing through.

Next time you're checking out You Tube ... look for their video from this album called "What I've Done". It's reality magnified...past, present and future.

Spent this day off working...laundry, scheduling and a bit of planning out the next series of Portholes...have # 33 done and 34 to 40 ready to stitch. Evolution on this project is surprising even me...(as most of you know I'm my own harshest critic)...and I'm really liking the results of my latest creations...I'm thinking that the recent infusion of new fabric has spurred more creativity ... coupled with the Free Form pieces that I've added...way cool stuff.

It's now Minutes Past Midnight ... and back to the grind tomorrow.

Better head up...and get horizontal. Later!

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