Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Porthole # 22 and 23

Okay...well my plans to garden today have been dampened by rain...so will play inside instead. Have lots to do and want to get some completed things scanned...like the next batch of Portholes and some Free Form embellishments!

This pair was done in similar colourway...both began with fabric from the same source, namely a piece cut from the bottom of a long dress that I shortened. It's a beautiful floral rayon with gold enhancement.

Porthole # 22

The piece of fan-lace was a small bit left over from my wedding...it trimmed the flower girls dresses. Tacked the top edge down with some Colonial knots in grape cotton perle #5 and the bottom edge was yellow quilting thread. I used YLI Pearl Crown Rayon for the Fuchsia LD feathers. Below that, the same grape #5 in 1/4 buttonhole wheels trimmed with detatched buttonhole using Jeans Stitch in Lavender. The stacked Chevrons in purple were also Jeans stitch. On the gold patch a row of Herringbone in purple Pearl Crown was overstitched with turquoise Silk 30.

Porthole #23

I rather like the effect on the white patch...started with a row of long/short Chevrons then used purple Jeans Stitch to connect points diagonally, tacked the cross points and added LD trios at each top bar. On the yellow patch is a spray of LD done in Aqua Ribbon Floss with Colonial knot florettes in white Ribbon Floss. (This stuff is fabulous for adding texture.) On the purple patch ... a series of Buttonhole 1/4 wheels in Cranberry Jeans Stitch. On the patch below that I used Kreinik gold cord for LD flowers with Colonial knot centres in Pearl Crown. Below it a fine row of Herringbone in purple Pearl Crown and turquoise Silk 30 Chain vine with grape #5 cotton florettes.

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