Sunday, June 8, 2008

Portholes # 24 and 25

The roller coaster has stopped briefly to take on more passengers...and let me off for a brief reprieve....but will be going full speed again tomorrow. In my short time off I managed to plant a flat of impatience...and did a bit of clean-up and weeding! I really don't like weeds...they are way too hardy...and make short work of free time.

This will be the last pair I'm closing in on the last done of the will back off to one per show after this.

#24 .. black & pink & green...I like this combo...dark and sharp. Black roses from a piece of lace...Griffin Buds on the green patch...metallic half wheels with detatched buttonhole on the pink patch...staggered pink buttonhole stitch topped with Colonial knots...purple long & short Chevrons embellished with knots and LDs.

#25 ... White lace motif embellished with green SRE and gold metallic knots...Jeans Stitch cranberry herringbone tacked and topped with green LD leaves...finished off with gold metallic quarter buttonhole wheels and Colonial knots.

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