Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anatomy of a Monogram

There has been a lot of chat on lists lately about alphabets & monograms.

I recently added one to my current project ... my Blue Jean Drag Bag (of which I just finished scanning the completed sections) and thought it'd be a good creative process to share.

I started by trying to find one out there on the Net ... but didn't find what I wanted. So....decided to make one myself!

I'm sure there's lots of programs on this box that would have created just the size and font I was after...but stuck with what I know best ... Corel Word Perfect. Only problem there is that it maxxes out at 72 ... and I wanted it waaaayyy bigger than that!

Okay ... so make it bigger! I chose my font and set it to 72 and printed that out. Next I scanned it to create a jpeg. I went back to Word Perfect and created a text box to about the size I wanted...then inserted the jpeg into the box and dragged it out to enlarge. Had to adjust it once or twice but finally saw what I wanted. Save and print!

Next step was to pin this printout to my fabric. I then did a row of backstitching (about 1/8" or so topside) in purple Jeans Stitch around the entire monogram...then ripped away the paper, picked out the little bits with my needle...and voila...the outline of one monogram! I whipstitched over the outline to create a solid line.

I wanted a "raised" needed to pad it a bit. I went around the inside of the letter with Chain Stitch to give me a nice base.

To fill in I used simple satin stitch....I started off using one strand...but that seemed to be taking I switched to doubled thread and picked up the pace!

The final result is what you see time I'll show you what I did around that!


Diane said...

It worked out perfectly. You have some very nice curves going on, and outlining the edge makes it very neat.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can't wait to see your new drag bag if this is any indication of what might be on it! Very nice "M"onogram.

susajo said...

Hi Marie,
your doing wonderful work!
I stuck at this older article because I made a number of jeans bags in the last year. Your embroideries are beautiful. The monogram looks so perfect, one wouldn't believe that it is hand made!
I don't know Coral Word, but most times you simply can mark the number in the box and type in a higher one (maybe 200 or more). Then hit enter et voila BIG letters.
You can try if this works for your program too.

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