Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Things

I finally got around to adding a pic of me!

Also added a couple more links ...

Allison Aller shows some awesome work on her blog and I know this will be one of my faves to visit on a regular basis!

Cate Ross Originals is my sister's blog ... she only just got it up and running ... I'm hoping that she'll post often ... and especially show some of her work! She has recently become enamoured with beading (and I accept full blame or credit) ... we plan to collaborate in the near future to show some of my new Free Form creations a la clothing.

I didn't really need a distraction from what I already have on the go ... but been wanting to make myself a new Drag Bag ... for the stuff I take back and forth to work ... my current one is just about worn out ... so just had to get going on it. It'll be a serviceable unit ... but that hasn't stopped me from embellishing the blazes out of it! Lots of rayon & silk threads/ribbon and Jeans Stitch ... so that I can launder it from time to time.

Started with the top section of an old pair of DH's jeans ... and so far have added a floral spray to one back pocket, a monogram M on the other, and completed an edging and floral bit on one front pocket. I used the fabric from the leg inseams to make handles (which are long enough to sling over my arm/shoulder) and once finished I'll line the inside with some sturdy fabric to accomodate my binder(s).

Will post some scans & pics of it soon.

I am still poking away at my Portholes ... on # 38 now ... and may take a breather after # 40 until I decide if I'm done...or half done!

It's a hot humid day here in Pickering ... and off to hide in the basement where it's 5 degrees cooler ... to finish my schedule and do some stitching!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Woo Hoo! A new blog to check out...can't wait!

Rissa said...

It is good to "see" you!

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