Monday, July 14, 2008

Porthole # 31

Ahhh...Day One of a week off ... so thought I'd start off by sharing #31 with you all!

I rather like this one. I started off by adding the Free Form leaf vine (one of the many patterns that I'll be offering soon) then added the blossoms using white Ribbon Floss...BT LD at the centre and LD at each side all filled with a centre stitch.

Next I added the white lace motif and the gold vine (Candlelight - Gold). Above the motif I stitched a small leaf spray enhanced with seed beads.
Last I added the purple & green spray. This was done by ruching (pronounced "rooshing") the ribbon...bringing the ribbon topside...gathering on a thread...then tacking in place before taking the ribbon down through the fabric and up at the next spot.

Time to get scanning...just noticed that #32 is the last one in the file ... #33 to 37 ready to go...and 38 waiting to be finished.

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