Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip to Hillsburgh

Home again, home again...jiggety jig!

Hi all ... did ya miss me? My kitties a real earful when we got back tonight!

Friday afternoon my sis, neices and Mel and I headed west to visit family. Stopped in Mississauga first to visit my one sis Stephanie and neice Amber ... stayed for dinner (Chinese....yummm) then headed north to Hillsburgh to see Mom, my sis Deenie, her DH Pat and young neice Sarah. We're all always so busy that it was great to spend a bit of time with them. We had a lovely visit...the girls had great fun cooling off in the pool while we adults kept cool in the shade and chatted away for hours. Pat...aka Master Chef...did a couple of whole chickens on the rotisserie....and made a fabulous salad and steamed rice...a totally delicious dinner...followed by a cake with candles & everything for Emma & Becca who both had BDs this past week.

Around 6 pm the sky started to get really dark....and a storm was headed our way! Deenie timed it just right to get all the patio chairs covered before the rain hit....and then it teamed down so hard...that the eaves had a hard time draining one point they were so full it was flowing right over the top!

To add to that...the house has recently finished undergoing extensive renovations to add on a second MIL suite (my Mom already had a 2-bedroom MIL apartment in the basement...and due to a stroke...the recent renovation created an apartment to accomodate Pat's Mom as well as an office for their home-based business and a seperate 2-car the latter apartment was created out of the original 2-car garage).

Cathy and Deeni had gone down to the basement to get some pillows and bedding that were stored in a space off the laundry room and discovered that there was water seeping in somewhere...coming across the floor...and over to the drain, Deeni for some reason was standing on a small stool....trying to get something when it slid on the water on the floor...she went for a loop...hitting her face & glasses against the nearby fridge....lost her balance and ended up falling on her side into the water on the floor!

Poor Sarah saw all this and started sobbing...thinking Mommy was hurt! Deeni was a bit banged up but able to get up an hobble out of the mess...assuring Sarah all the while that she was okay. She actually did lose the screw out of the hinge on her glasses...but nothing a bit of tape couldn't temporarily fix. It was a bit later that she discovered she had a really major scrape on her ankle and foot. Sprayed on some Bactine...and just carried on! What a trooper!

I'm willing to bet she'll develope some bruises tomorrow.....but for the moment she chose to ignore it all and take advantage of the rest of our visit.

Pat later discovered that the source of the water coming in was the failure of one contracter to seal up an outlet made to house a new electrical now that he knows what the problem is can get it was just a whole lot of crazy to go through to find this out!

Yes well...this week off is almost at an end...but did I plan it right! Go back to work for a day...take two more off...go back for another day then have another day off before having to work a weekend! I can live with that!

One more week off in August...and we have plans to hang out at a friend's cottage...a lovely spot on a small lake. Looking forward to that!

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Rissa said...

It always sucks when these things happen...but why do they like to happen at inopportune moments? LOL

Sorry Deeni got hurt and that it scared Sarah. :-(

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