Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food for Thought - Friday on Monday ... It's a Good Thing!

I have never much liked Mondays...typically because they are the beginning of a work week...but lately I've had to work weekends to cover for staff away on holidays...so that forces me to take mid-week days off. It usually works out to be Tuesday & Wednesday that are my days off...so Monday is actually my Friday...and that is just fine by me! Makes it a whole lot easier to take.

I've just passed the 6 year anniversary in my current position...and my how time flies when you're having fun!?? For those who have never worked retail...it may be hard for you to fathom all of the stress that is involved. Every day brings new challenges...with staff, customers, theft, fraudulent activity, even the weather...and how it affects the whole enchillada.

From my perspective...I realize that I have become a bit callous over the years...cynical even. A lot of today's consumers remind me of spoiled brats...expecting us to do what they dictate...and if we don't...well then that's just bad "customer service". They argue and stomp feet and whine. Pulease!

Is it so hard to understand that manufacturers are the ones who uphold warranties on their product? If there is a problem with an item...it might require us to follow their directions...to contact them directly for customer support. It is not always a simple process of replacing a unit or giving money back.

I dealt with one lady a week ago who was adamant that I'd be out of a job on Monday...because of how I "treated" her...even though she was totally out of line. She wanted the Customer Service number for our Head Office...and my name and position...and boy was I in trouble!

When I reiterated the whole incident to my boss ... saying gee ... I guess you have to fire me... he just laughed & told me ... that I wasn't getting off that easy! Go figure! I'm still standing!

TGIF...especially when it's on Monday!

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