Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Baaack...Early

Hi kids ... did ya miss me? I missed you too!

Got my wires crossed with DH...I was thinking we were staying until Sunday, but apparently there are other people heading up to stay the weekend. We left about mid-day so it'd be vacant for them. I am still off until Monday either way...I can stitch here just as easily!

And stitch I much as the boys fished!

Paul just shakes his head when I show up with as much stitching stuff as clothing! But we won't even talk about how much tackle and how many rods it takes to fish for a week...will we?!!

Without going into too much detail...because pictures will save me typing a thousand words...I will simply say that I have added a whole bunch of wrought iron work to the bag. One trellis that I started has since become embellished with a vine of roses...and I thought it'd be cool to add more iron work to tie it in...then I got carried away.....but I like it! Still a lot of work to do on it yet...because after I finish the iron I still want to add climbers to am contemplating that as I work.

The northern element never disappoints! Aside from a bit of rain and a big thunder storm...we had an enjoyable stay...the resident hummingbirds alone are worth the trip...then at night there's those cool owl sounds...and the loons! The mosquitos were not very bothersome...think I only got two bites.

I always love the nightly fire...those flames are so mesmerizing! There's no TV or video games...just the radio...and the station out of Peterborough is really good...playing old & new rock. Even the commercials sound different.

But the city does have it's cable...and once home I tuned in to one of the music channels....getting classic rock hits... with no commercials! I'm good with that...and I couldn't have picked a better play list...excellent!

So...laundry is now all done...and I will relax and stitch some more tomorrow. The kitties are glad we're home...and have been close company all day. Poor Kota has not been without us for more than a day and he was very happy to have us home.

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