Sunday, August 17, 2008

Porthole # 37

Porthole # 37 began with the addition of the Free Form piece...the Navy Aurora Borealis beads have hints of the other fabric a nice fit.

Across from that I stitched a row of Herringbone (Pearl Crown Rayon) finished off along the bottom seam edge with whipstitched backstitching. At the top edge I made small cross-stitches at the X points then added small cranberry Lazy Daisy Filled stitch to finish.

The pink winding - thing is a row backstitch...whipstitched...then cast-on stitches on the outer edge.

Lastly I added the spray of pale lilac Lazy Daisy Bullion Tip flowers with feather stitch and ribbon stitch greenery.


JoWynn Johns said...

What a fabulous idea--adding cast-on stitches to the whipped back stitch. It looks like tatting. Beautiful. All your portholes are inspiring. So many good ideas.

Marie Alton said...

Hi does look really neat and yes a bit like tatting. Glad you're enjoying these...after all ... they are Portholes of Inspiration! Guess they're true to aim!

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