Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Show & Share - Tooth Fairy Pouches

The regular projects I've been sharing are either "waiting to be scanned" or "not ready yet"...so I scrolled through my files to see what might be fun to show you...'cause I know ya gotta have that eye candy!

I came across a couple or three wee gems...these go back about ten years. I started out making a couple for my own two kids. I found it far too taxing to be a stealthy tooth fairy...feeling around under a pillow for a small thing wrapped in a tissue...all the time hoping the little angel stayed asleep!

The pouch made it so much easier...we took to hanging them on the bed post...so the fairy could simply slip it off , do the swap and flit away. Sold a few to staff at work and several at the craft booth too...real popular with Moms and Grandmas.

They all started with the same wee fairy...which I finished with either clear or coloured nail polish... then stitched a small floral spray around it. Many of them featured that lovely gold cording...found it at Mokuba in Toronto (man that's an amazing store!) Finished size was about 2.5 - 3" x 5".

I think I even penned a poem insert that I put in with them...but don't think I still have it...and don't recall the poem now.

Anyway ... enjoy!


Rissa said...

What a fabulous idea Marie...and they are so lovely!

blackbearcabin said...

Those are beautiful...and what a cute idea! Mind if i steal it for my daughter...shes only two, but i may need that long to make one :)

Annie said...

That is such a great idea and the pouches are so lovely. The fairy charm is just perfect! Found my way to your blog on Stitchin' Fingers. You do beautiful work

Marie Alton said...

Thanks for your appreciation! Feel free to "steal" the idea ... after all it's the little things that bring smiles to wee faces!

I neglected to mention in the original post ... the pouch was lined with light weight fabric inside.

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