Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time Flies ... But I'm Grounded

Wow...has it really been a whole week since I did a post?
I swear...I do not know where this week has gone...or this month for that matter!

It's a rough time of year for me at work ... trying to figure out who I'm losing (heading off to or back to university) and whoever is left...what they can work in and around school...and hoping it'll be enough so that I have the coverage I need.

Yesterday I had a special treat ... I ran into Diane Matheson (who lives quite close to me...a couple of kms away). I recognized her at one of the cashes (from her Stitchin Fingers pic) and we chatted for a good while! We've e-mailed back and forth for some time now but this was the first time we met in person.

I know today is really Tuesday....but for me it's Saturday.

Like I explained in the "Friday on Monday" post...this happens frequently to me!
I've been a busy li'l beaver...getting some organizing done on my plans to get those patterns happening! I realized earlier this week that one reason for the hold up was a slight error in my planning...which took extra effort afterward to compensate for. Suffice it to say ... it grounded me ... almost to a halt ... but am gaining on it now!

I'm more focused on this...because I know that time is flying ... it does not wait for anyone...no, not even me...so gotta make sure it doesn't fly right out my "window of oportunity"! I'll have pretty much all I need organized this week...and will share my big news shortly!

This diversion has pretty much stifled my stitching...although I did put a couple hours in on Porthole # 40. So...no scanning done...and the Drag Bag is now on hold for a bit.

Well ... can't have you all going into "eye candy withdrawal" ... so until I have more to show on the current projects ... will find some bits and pieces to share.

Melanie Rose Sachets ... in Wisteria , Nectarine and Rose.
Ribbons by Vikki Cayton

(These were a very popular kit series for me many years ago. While I no longer have the time to do kits ... the contemplation is there to revise them into pattern only for release. Seems there are not many SRE patterns out there to be had.)


Rissa said...

It would be a great pattern only. :-)

Marie Alton said...

Hi Rissa

Ya ... it would ... will be ... is ... oops ... did I type that out loud?

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