Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Needle Pulling Thread

I'm not much of a book & magazine person ... but recently much to my surprise I was enlightened by Mary Anne that there existed here in Canada a magazine that is published to showcase Canadian needle artists!

Okay....who's paying attention now?! So I Googled it...and right there at the top of the page: A Needle Pulling Thread! (I love the name...very clever...and appropo).

For those who had not ( like me ) heard about this's their link: . You must go see! It's like Stitchin Fingers ... all forms of needlework ... in one spot!

I sent an e-mail off to the editor on introduce myself...and she returned my note Tuesday...and we have since chatted and/or e-mailed daily!

I decided I had to see this magazine first took a trip over to a little shop in the Mall (where I have purchase other needle art publications) and there it was...the last copy of the Summer issue...waiting just for me!

I took it home and went through it cover to cover several times...checking out the articles...admiring the obvious love & care that has gone into the is very well done...the type of high class presentation that can make your work look fabulous!

After clarifying and verifying ... and a bit of brainstorming ... Carla and I have agreed that I shall be one of their featured artists in the Summer 2009 issue!

And there's that feeling again....that ride on Cloud 9....giddy and lighter in step...smiling from ear to ear......anticipation!

This will be my 5th published piece ... so feeling very much the seasoned pro here....but as anxious as the first time....and as thankful as I am to all those magazines that featured me in past...I'm proudly looking forward to my first time in a Canadian publication!

The only thing I will share with you about it ... is that it will be SRE ...
5-Star Deluxe SRE !


Linda said...

Congratulations a good reason for me to renew my subscription. I knew you could do it. Way to go angel.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

YES!! Now I have an added reason to ask for a subscription for Christmas. I can't possibly miss that issue, can I?

Pat Winter said...

Congratulations!!! I just went to the site and what a beautiful magazine. Naturally you had to be a part of it with your amazing work you produce. I am thrilled for you and will check out Barnes next trip.

Cate said...

Congratulations AGAIN, Mental! You work so diligently, your work deserves the recognition. How awesome! A Sister who is a celebrity! Congrats again, Marie! Love Yah! Cathy <3

Marie Alton said...

Thank you all ... I'm really excited ... it's been a long time since I had an article ... and now in a CDN magazine of this caliber ... totally thrilling!

Rissa said...

That is just WONDERFUL news!!!!!!! Go you!!!!

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