Sunday, October 26, 2008

CQ Mag Online is Up...& Fabulous!

The new issue of CQ Mag Online is out and has some fabulous things for you!

All of articles are wonderful ... chock full of ideas, information & inspiration!

I am particularly excited because I have an article in this issue! I created two is a CQ ball ... pretty challenging (for those who are up for it) and the other is a "spin-off" from my Portholes...a spinning ornament...with different CQs on each side.

I already have this big idea in my head to make a dozen of the ball ones and display them in a fluted crystal a table centrepiece...but just have too much on the go right now to manage that for this year...maybe by next Christmas...barring any more distractions. One a month seems a reasonable target to manage!

I recently came across a Temari Ball that I made a few years ago. I'd like to make several more of these many ideas...never enough time!

Speaking of ideas...I no sooner had the spinners made...and the idea evolved again...smaller this time...something that could be worn. I will share this with you all at a later date...but right now I'm hard at it...preparing for my Summer article in A Needle Pulling Thread. I have to have it submitted by December 1st...and that's barely a month from now! Blinders time for distractions.'s getting late...and tomorrow is Monday...big week I'm short one at work. Lorna had to fly out to Edmonton to meet her new grand-daughter...who arrived on October 23rd...her birthday too...coincidentally!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congrats on your article in CQMag! I've taken a quick peek, but need to go back and read the whole issue when I have some time to enjoy it.

Rissa said...

I really appreciate the article Marie!

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