Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Highs & Lows

Hi everyone! Did ya miss me? I missed you too!

Well it's done...and delivered! I feel relieved ...and lighter with all that weight of a deadline off me! I actually hand - delivered it today to Carla ... the editor. She lives in Newmarket ... about a 45 minute drive from here. It was fabulous to meet her in person and we had a great chat for about an hour...about the project ... the mag ... and all kinds of stuff.

The finished piece turned out very cool ... and Carla loved it! You can all get a "sneak peek" of the project in the Spring 2009 issue ... and the whole article in the Summer 2009 issue.

While I'm still feeling the effects of "Cloud 9" .... reality set in when I read a message from Barb E in Texas telling that Nora Creeach has passed away...and sadly for her family...her husband too passed away less than a week before. So sad for them all...an awful burden to lose both so close.

While I never met her in person...we did chat back and forth a lot back in the early list days. She was such a giving person....of both stash and her time...and so prolific in her life on-line. Where would we all be without her efforts in getting CQ Mag Online up and running?

My condolences to all of the Tree House Stitchers who had the good fortune of her company. I know you will miss her terribly...but take comfort in knowing that she is out of pain now...and stitching to her hearts content forever more!

More reality...work beckons...so off to start my schedule!

Will be around more often now that I'm freed up ... and have something new to show soon.

Still have Christmas in retail to deal with ... but our (exhausting) big kick-off weekend just wrapped up ... so now will just keep going until the closing bell on Christmas Eve!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congrats on getting it done and delivered! Can't wait to see the issue (nice I'm getting a subscription for Christmas!).
I was sorry to read about Nora too, although I didn't 'know' her. I certainly have heard a lot of good things tho and it is sad. It's a shock that she & her husband both passed away in the same week, but I'll bet they would both have wanted it that way. Together, forevermore.

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