Friday, December 12, 2008

Show & Share - Christmas Stockings - 1

Something I wrote in a previous post reminded me about these ... as I did start in January to have all of these done for the following Christmas!

Years ago I had crocheted stockings for everyone in my family...right from my Mom & siblings to my neices & nephew....and they were used for a lot of years.
I decided that I wanted to make new CQ ones for just "us"...Paul, myself & kids. I wanted them to be the same...only they were all created from the same pattern, but in different colours conducive to each individual.

When it comes to CQ...I've never been much of a "sew as you go" kinda gal...I actually create a pattern in advance and cut each piece individually...knowing that it'll fit exactly...and while some of you may think it's far too much effort...I personally think it is worth it...especially for this type of replication.
Each one has a CQ panel on the front, backed & topped with black velvet, lined with muslin & finished with a Mokuba gold cord hanger. I did mostly seam embellishing on them, but added a few charms & such.

The first I'm sharing is Melanie' has a distinctly "girlie" look to it...blues, pinks, purples & white...a bit sparkly & frilly.


FredaB said...

Hi Marie

Your stockings are beautiful. The first 2 are masculine enough but still look very cq-ish if that makes sense.

Melanies is girly as it should be.

Merry Christmas to you.



Rose Anne B said...

I LOVE all four of your stockings!!! And were they all stuffed with goodies????

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