Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Appreciate Your Kind Words!

Thank you for all the kind words! It's been quite a while since I had the time to "show & share" projects and I always appreciate when others find what I do inspirational. My joy is in the creative process....evolving ideas...expanding a theme.

The thing is ... I always end up expanding the theme and evolving those ideas far beyond a simple few. At one time I did have a booth in a place called Crafter's Marketplace to retail all of these creations, and it was fun for a while, it posed it's own problems. After removing stock from there I did sporatic craft shows with mixed results....they're always a crapshoot. I've learned that the general public is lacking in appreciation for the time it takes to create quality merchandise (unless they themselves are creative) let alone realize the value of the vested time or willing to pay for it!

Then along came the advent of the World Wide Web and all of a sudden everything out there was at my fingertips! I discovered these things called lists where like-minded individuals gathered and chatted about what they were creating and shared pictures. My husband installed a scanner for me and before long I was sharing my work too!

I wasn't prepared for the chain of events that would ensue. I had people calling me a designer (I had never thought of myself in that light....maybe an artisan) and insisting that I should be contacting magazine editors and submitting articles for publication.

I fluffed it off for a while .... but they became insistent .... and kept at me. Now I might have kept on resisting, but realized that maybe I should take their prompting to heart.....after all these gals had "been there, done that" before me. One even went so far as to contact an editor singing my praises. The editor instructed her to supply me with her e-mail address and to ask me to forward some pics.

The rest (as they say) is history!

There is a real sense of accomplishment when you see your name printed in a magazine...and your creations looking absolutely fabulous photographed by a professional! Even after the fourth piece I never lost that "Cloud Nine" feeling.

What I discovered in the whole that my talent is really two-fold. I can create the piece....but I can also pattern it so that it can be made by others!

And that my friends is where the fun is!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Okay...I'm Still New At This

I love this typing my fingers off ... not only here but added a whole whack of pics and descriptions to list sites and on Facebook. I must admit it is far easier to add stuff to albums than it has been to insert them here...but I will try again...just need to make sure I change the positions of where I want them to end up!

Some of you are sure to see these pics a number of times....if you are on lists or I'm only gonna post a few. Besides....if I show you all of them now...there'll be no surprises left for the pattern series!

The old adage that "practice makes perfect" is without a true! Now that I've made over 100 ... I'm getting really good at this ... so much so that I am impressing myself ... and that's a hard thing to do when you are your own harshest critic!


In my two different worlds (work and personal) this means different things. At work I'm always telling my cash staff to scan each item to make sure the correct product gets credited as a sale...but at home it involves a flatbed device that digitizes my work into picture files.

That's what I did tonight! I have been working on a stitchery project entitled Portholes Of Inspiration which will eventually become a quilt (once I complete all the pieces). Had promised to share some of this work with various on-line friends, so decided to get scanned in the ones I've completed so far.....all 25 of them.

The idea evolved from the original pattern for my Pin Pal (a fancy name for a pin cushion). The top section was a small round CQ piece stretched over a metal form (recycled frozen juice can lid) and then fabric was stretched over a stack of same for the base. The two were stitched together to finish the piece. But while making tops for some of these....the vision struck me that these pieces would look stunning framed out in a black velveteen cutout! I decided I just had to do used a piece of polar fleece as an interim frame...and just loved the look!

Attaching a few of my favourites. The idea is to make each one as different as my imagination can manage. Enjoy

Saturday, January 26, 2008

That Was Then ... This Is Now

I'm still getting the hang of this, so bear with me. I was trying to get a picture added to my profile and having some issues uploading what I wanted. On the Help page it told me to and them here and then send this as a gonna try!

Confession....the picture of me on my web site was taken about 25 years ago...but is my favourite pic of me. It was taken by a professional photographer (who had the hots for me at the time) as part of a challenge with a fellow photographer to see who could create the best shots. I think he won.

I am posting this older one and a more recent one.... to show the "then" and "now".

Gee...would sure like to have that colour hair again! Anybody know what dye colour that'd be?


Friday, January 25, 2008

Look Ma ..... I'm Blogging! this thing on? Test 1 2 3 !

Okay my friends.....I guess it's high time that I join the Blogger Generation!

I was thinking this would be a good way to share "en mass" to those who want see & read about what I've been up to lately. I always find myself checking sent e-mails to see who I told what to...only to discover that I deleted what I thought was saved (which happens more and more the older I get).

So without further ado....

As many of you know.....I have recently confessed to being a Beadaholic. I suppose I've been in denial about this for years....because now that I think about it....years back when I was creating all those beaded hair clips.....and then a whole bunch of beaded ornaments.....that was the tip of what has become a perverbial iceberg!

It became an absolute obsession in 2006.....I always wanted to make some of those pretty ornament covers....and Edith M shared her creative process with some of us on a CDN CQ list.

Little did she know that she would unleash a creative whirlwind of ideas in me that still has not stopped. I have patterned (between the first one and now) over a hundred different designs. I have diligently documented these: written cryptic patterns, scanned them flat, and had most of the first series professionally photographed digitally by my good friend Robin Cymbaly.

Can you guess where this is going? Big plans....big time!

(Apparently my children would like to eat dinner will end here for now)


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